From the moment it was founded, Naval Interior has focused not only on staff development and perfecting all aspects of management but also on the innovation of production.
Those who put their trust in Naval Interior can rest assured that administration of the business is secure. Roles are well defined and distinct, from project management positions to technical roles in the purchasing department to warehousemen, meaning there can be no overlap of roles and, as a consequence, the business runs with outstanding efficiency.
Naval Interior make it a policy to find a synergy between co-workers, throughout production meetings and in the finely tuned selection of outsourced suppliers. This allows the company to focus on optimizing all resources on fundamental tasks, determinants and the outward delegation of middle management issues .
The company’s knowledge has evolved over time and is continually being enriched, due to always having paid strict attention to the development of modern technology and the introduction to the naval industry of new materials which must, of course, have the guarantee of excellent performance, be resistant to the particular environment in which they are to be used and comply with safety regulations.
Any material used by Naval Interior is subject to strict certification in accordance with all naval registers and regulatory bodies within the industry.



Naval Interior’s Head Office is in the centre of Pozzallo, an industrial area which is just five minutes from the port and two minutes from a new heliport.

The site, where you can find the executive office, sales office, technical department, stock rooms and storage, as well as a large conference room, is easily accessible from Catania Airport (90km away) and Comiso Airport (60km away).



Naval Interior can always be depended upon for correct shipping of items from shipyards dispersed throughout Italy and Europe by reliable couriers that have always guaranteed delivery within the advised time-frame and with assurance that items will arrive in tact.



Naval Interior has prefabrication and the production of furniture and structures at the core of its business. It also boasts the largest workshop in the naval/cruise ship and pleasure industry in the south of Italy, with its 3000sm production area.

The team of technical specialists, who utilise state of the art technology in order to guarantee the quality of production (which is constantly monitored through the appropriate quality control system), make it possible for products to be made with ease, even when they have large dimensions, and for several orders to be fulfilled simultaneously.