Naval Interior in Hamburg

CSI and SMM: Naval Interior at the major naval industry world fairs

The London Cruise Ship Interiors Expo and the Hamburg SMM trade fair are among the leading international events in the naval and the cruise ship industry. Both events will be held in autumn and the Naval Interior team is getting ready with enthusiasm and eagerness. Because finally, after so many years of ‘’long-distance relationships’’, we will be able to see our partners face-to-face once again. But above all, because at the center of the debate among the top world players, there are topics that we hold very dear, such as the power of networking and energy transition.

In Hamburg to discuss about innovation and sustainability

The SMM will be held from September 6th to 9th in Hamburg, the host city of one of the leading shipyards in Europe. The three-day event will provide an opportunity to talk about topics such as digital transformation, climate change and energy transition, topics that must be at the forefront, even in the naval sector. Because we are all agents of change.

For us, who combine craftsmanship with 4.0 strategies, SMM represents an important opportunity to debate on a global scale. In addition to the possibility of establishing new commercial agreements and expanding our company as well as our private network, the Hamburg fair will give us the opportunity to present our digital innovations in addition to grasping the new demands currently dictated by the energy transition in the naval industry. This is a direction to which we feel fully committed: thanks to the internalization of the furnishings production, our turnkey services are efficient, fast and sustainable.

In London to strengthen the network and promote exchange

Even at the London CSI, from November 30th to December 1st, we will have the opportunity to meet our partners such as Carnival Cruise Lines and Norwegian Cruise Lines face-to-face once again. All the biggest players of the naval industry will take part in this highly-anticipated networking event, with a large portion of it dedicated to furnishings and tunkey services that Naval Interior could not certainly miss.

The focus, here, centers mainly with the European cruise market, with particular attention to river and shipping cruises, for which we have developed a significant know-how. We will be participating in this event as fitters as well as suppliers, in order to strengthen relationships and make new agreements with key representatives of the major cruise brands, shipyards and European design studios.

A network of trustworthy partners

The Autumn events like this one essentially represent commercial opportunities for companies like ours. It is precisely here where proposals and demands come together. However, for us, these events also represent an opportunity that allows us to grow and improve much more, thanks to the possibility of being able to compare and confront ourselves against other key players. But above all, these events represent a chance to establish a close relationship with our partners, that human contact and closeness, which are at the heart of every relationship based on trust, in business as well as in private life.

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