Fitting aboard: advantages of having control of the complete supply chain

Naval interior: from design to assembly

Elegance, style and attention to details lose most of their value when the installation and fitting are realized without taking care of the planning and manufacturing stages. This is true for the design sector in general but especially for naval design where products are embedded in even more complex structures made up of out-of-the-ordinary plans and production plants. Hence, in the naval industry, installation and setting-up of furnishings are a crucial point. We as Naval Interior take care of these production phases with the same obsessive attention that we pay to planning and production.

30 years’ experience in naval furnishings installation

It is exactly with naval furnishings installation that our story began. More than 30 years ago our founding father decided to expand his wood business in the nautical sector and started operating also as a furniture installer aboard luxury boats. His knowledge and skills as a cabinet maker laid out his path. So, since then Naval Interior became one of the greatest companies as main and subcontractor in the naval furnishings sector, fitting-up is a significant part in our supply chain.

Today we manage the installation and fitting sector through the F.C. Allestimenti Company which depends on Naval Interior’s same corporate structure. This allows us to oversee the whole supply chain within a single planning structure: from production to installation, we can control each stage and every detail keeping a direct connection between the production offices, the manufacture labs and the installation aboard.

Our team in the naval core of Europe

You can find our qualified fitters in the main European ship-building headquarters where the most influential companies in the sector work, such as Fincantieri. In Italy we are in GenovaMargheraMonfalcone and Ancona. Our teams are also in the French Chantiers de l’Atlantique in Saint-Nazaire, along the estuary of Loire River and in the Vard shipyards in Søvik, Norvegia. Huge cruise ships leave from there to sail the northern seas. Finally, you can also find us in Tuclea, Romania, in the shipyards of the great Vard Group which is managed by Fincantieri and leads the offshore construction of specialized ships worldwide. In Marghera and Monfalcone we are present with teams of specialized fitters and also with design offices well established on site.

Moreover, our company also provides installation and assembly services to third parties as well as to other contractors and subcontractors, ensuring them the same attention to details we always guarantee for our own projects. Of course, including the installation and the fitting of our products within our design and production chain grants us an undeniable advantage: teams of flexible fitters dedicated to us and to our designers, well-prepared for any need and immediate intervention in case of in-progress changes. Put it another way, we always stick to the set deadlines.

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