Silversea Cruises

Naval Interior’s innovative and sustainable project for Silversea Cruises

We love new challenges because they are stimulating and it allows us to test ourselves on many different and interesting fronts.

For this reason, we are happy to start our new adventure with Meyer Werft: the great German naval group has just commissioned us to work on part of the ambitious Silversea Cruises project, the shipping company of the Royal Caribbean group which is specialized in the all-inclusive luxury industry.

Luxury in the harbour, with the engine turned off

Silver Nova, the futuristic ship of Silversea Cruises, is starting to take shape at Meyer Werft’s shipyard in Papenburg. This ship is designed as part of the Evolution Project, which involves constructing a new generation of low environmental impact cruise ships. In fact, Silver Nova will be the first hybrid ship of this type because it guarantees the absence of polluting emissions near harbours, which represents a great innovation for the cruise industry.

This innovation will make it possible to reduce Co2 emissions to more than 40%. In addition, an internal system of automatic micro-gasification will reduce the waste amount on board. This eco-friendly direction, we fully share, makes us even more enthusiastic about being among the players of this project.

The restaurant made in Sicily 

Delivery is due in summer 2023, and therefore, in the following months, our artisans will get to work on this front. In the great Silver Nova project, our task is to deal with the catering furniture industry. In fact, we will create the furnishings for La Terrazza, one of the best-known restaurants which, as in all ships of this line, are dedicated to Italy. One more reason to do our best in our area of expertise: furniture made in Italy.

Also this time, we will put into practice our whole know-how and 4.0 technologies to guarantee the maximum precision of every construction detail. Now we are in the middle of the preparatory stages, which range from creating the drawings to implementing feasible projects.

We are looking forward to moving on to the construction stage: thanks to the internalisation of furnishings production, we will be able to intervene in real-time to optimise every detail of the project and, above all, constantly monitor the implementation of valuable time for every single piece of furniture. The main aim is to guarantee our new customers the highest quality products at perfect timing.

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