Naval Interior post Covid

Remote working and new projects: Post-covid Naval Interior

The cruise world is in turmoil: concerns about the coronavirus pandemic have literally blocked the fleets and the market has feared the worst for its future. But the whole shipbuilding sector cannot stop. We must always look towards the future, as it is our best point of view. Faith and hope are the beacons that guide us in these difficult times.

Working for big projects

Naval Interior has never stopped. During the lockdown, our productive sites temporarily ceased their activity but we’ve always continued to follow our projects by remote working. And today we’re all hands on deck again! Workers and technicians are back in the labs and in the workshops where we are making the furniture for our biggest and most prestigious cruise ships, following any security instructions required by law and being excited as our big family has always been. By widening the space, we have been able to rearrange posts with comfortable spaces adjusting them to the new ​healthcare needs​.

In the offices, designers and admin staff are back to their usual jobs, whilst also taking all the necessary sanitation and social distancing precautions and using Plexiglas barriers. These are little but necessary adjustments that have no impact on our wish to firmly pursue our new objectives, despite the slowdown process of recovery which also affects our sector.

New exciting commissions

Now we are all fully focused on our next commissions and we are always on the front lines as contractors to carry out forthcoming projects, such as the crew areas of Costa Firenze Hull 6273, fitting-out in Marghera shipyard; the Yacht 137 Teach area (which is the over deck wheelhouse), the upper deck captain’s and crew cabins and the crew area and pantry, fitting-out in Ancora CRN shipyard. And last, but not the least, Princess Cruises’s Enchanted Princess Hull 6275 futuristic Spa Area, fitting-out in Monfalcone shipyard, which is one of the flagships on this future floating marvel and a pride among our top qualified productions. Our story flew out and rapidly grew up especially thanks to the realisation of wellness centres for cruise ships, leading us to the core business of the naval industry. Here we show our heart as artisans, our deep knowledge of materials and our innate passion for research and experimentation. And this is our world, our future, our course.