Naval Interiors at Cruise Ship Interiors Expo

In Barcelona to build relationship and to show our heart and core

There are routes that you should travel, harbours where you need to dock and opportunities you can’t miss if you work in the shipping industry. Cruise Ship Interiors Expo, which has just taken place in Barcelona, is one of these. This is why we – Naval Interior – took part in it! The exposition is the best opportunity to meet with designers, architects, fitters, shipyard managers and interior suppliers. Cruise Ship Interiors Expo is where more than 160 exhibitors from all over the world and 47 cruise lines show the latest innovations in the sector and come up with new challenges that we are willing to tackle.

Barcelona: new strategies in the naval industry

The fair is also the moment in which the world’s experts in this field take stock of sustainable interiors, innovative materials, rationalisation of the refit process – precisely the direction towards which we have long pointed our oar. In short, a huge meeting of the global market for oceanic and river cruise ships looking for contractors for their most important construction and renovation projects. An inspiring network that makes it possible to gain insights.

Networking is part of the future of cruising

And networking was our goal. Cruise Ship Interiors consolidated relationships with our long-time clients, made new agreements, got to know potential clients and showed what we are capable of: quality, attention to detail, and the experience to effectively meet all technical requirements, of course. But our most striking feature is our heart and core, which is what the end customer is looking for in his cosy cabin, sitting at the lounge bar on the main deck or relaxing in a futuristic spa.

We put in all our heart in order to create a unique experience in the end. Therefore, our creations’ luxury doesn’t stop at aesthetics but also conveys warmth.

This is what we wanted to show to our current and potential clients at the exhibition in our own booth, designed like a ship’s bar, with corners where you can relax and a counter where you can toast with friends and clients, offering the products of our home, Sicily

Our home is where our heart is and this is from where we’re ready to discover the exciting new routes of naval interior.