Naval Interior’s know how in megayacht industry

From our naval furniture workshops to the luxury routes

Italy is the world leader in megayacht building, a field that, together with the cruise ship industry, we know very well. We carry out the necessary craftsmanship for luxurious naval interior in an innovative way. In 2021 Italy confirms its leadership in superyacht and megayacht industry all over the world as it turns out from Boat International data

No one can compete with Italian shipyards as far as vessels of more than 24 metres are concerned — in Italy we build about half this kind of recreational boats, sought after all over the world, and this is a branch followed by Naval Interior with a dedicated production line.

Megayacht: Made in Italy pride

Megayachts are our national pride. 60% of the investment for a luxury boat is destined to equipment and furniture which need the work of skilled manpower — manpower that represents an added value within Italian productions. And we from Naval Interior are proud to belong to this whole strategical set of manufacturing firms too.

We have been working for years not only in the cruise ship industry, but also in the megayacht one, and we have been collaborating with the major Italian players, such as Ferretti Group and Cantiere Delle Marche. Some of the most luxurious ships that have been commissioned by sheiks and business tycoons and are cutting through the waves of the world’s oceans are born right in their shipyards.

Luxury is born in our laboratories

In Naval Interior a production line is totally dedicated to Megayachts. The growth of interest and orders due to the pandemic is giving us new chances and opportunities and we are ready to take them.

During these months, in our workshops and laboratories, some unique and precious furnishing accessories are taking shape for a 50-metres superyacht and for a 70-metres one. The first one has got one common denominator — leather. Using this particular kind of material in furniture, walls and decor requires great care. We can guarantee that we are going to be that careful, thanks to an accurate 4.0 planning, focused on every detail, and thanks to our skillful artisans’ eyes and hands, who are our greatest boast.

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