A throne is not a piece of wood covered in velvet.
Honoré de Balzac

Naval Interior’s story started to take root in the 1980s when the owner’s father, an artisan cabinetmaker who used ancient traditional methods, discovered a passion for all things nautical and consequently began to construct furniture on yachts, where he gladly made his array of knowledge and skill available.

This interest was passed on to his children who expanded the family business and gave life to what is today a forerunner in the naval industry, with over 60 completed projects on cruise ships, ferries and yachts.

Naval Interior has understood the value of combining craftsmanship with modern technology to ignite dynamic and original development.

Currently working for Naval Interior, in various capacities, are over 150 people, who can see themselves perfectly defined as makers. That is, new digital age artisans who combine manual work with the use of current technology, along with a deep understanding of, not only wood, but all new materials which have come to be used on boats and ships, brought to us through innovation that is made in Italy.