Hotel & Retail

Naval Interior for Hotels and Retail

Daily involvement in projects for cruise ships and luxury yachts, combined with the highest level in the luxury furnishings segment, has allowed us to develop know-how that now provides significant added value to the civil sector.

Civil sector: a new major challenge

Alongside our main activity of managing turnkey projects for the cruise industry, we have always pursued “onshore” projects ranging from hotels to retail, from grand villas to wellness centres.
Among our recent achievements, we have completed one of the floors of the Samaritaine department store in Paris (including windows, coverings, and furniture) and the Atlantis Hotel in Zurich, for which we created the furnishings for the luxurious restaurant and the innovative spa.
Today, we have decided to focus on a sector where we can contribute significantly, offering meticulous attention to detail and precise craftsmanship in installations. These results from our ability to coordinate much more complex projects, such as those in the naval sector. We recently had the opportunity to discuss this at the We Meet on Air event organised by the renowned architect Simone Micheli, alongside many other high-profile contractors (WATCH THE VIDEO).

Advanced project management

Another value derived from the naval sector and fully applicable to the civil industry is our ability to connect various skilled trades and interface them with advanced construction technologies.
Our services, already developed for cruise projects, represent a solid know-how for hotels, restaurants, and prestigious buildings: from managing turnkey projects as a contractor to in-house production of furnishings, from direct implementation of installations to a dedicated refitting line. Another advantage is our certified control system, which allows us to monitor the entire production chain in real-time.

In-house production

Within our 7,700-square-meter workshops, we have dedicated production lines for wood, iron, and other materials, advanced machinery such as modern painting cabins and laser cutting, and, most importantly, a team of artisans, all local craftsmen trained to combine traditional craftsmanship with modern 4.0 technologies. This enables us to closely monitor every manufacturing process detail in real-time from our engineering room.
The outcome can be previewed during special mock-up presentation events we organise upon client request.

Luxury spas and wellness centres for hotels and villas

Spas and wellness centres are one of our flagship areas because they are where our journey in the interior design sector took off and rapidly evolved, bringing us to the forefront of the cruise industry. The meticulous engineering of every construction detail in the spa sector demands our utmost attention to ensure excellent results.
In the spa sector, which encompasses various structures, we boast significant records: we design pools, saunas, and relaxation areas for large spaces and intimate niches, always with the same attention to detail.