Hull 907 Viking Polaris

Naval Interior for Viking Polaris: polar luxury, universal beauty

The new frontier of cruise ships? Luxury and comfort even when travelling to the most adventurous and remote places on the planet. It is possible thanks to the new “Expedition” ships. And here we are. Last year, after taking part in the construction of the first “expedition” by Viking shipyards, the Octanis, we concluded work on her twin, the Polaris.

The delivery ceremony took place in the Vard shipyard, Fincantieri’s group in Søvik in Norway. Just like her sister vessel Octantis, this ship can accommodate up to 378 guests and is Polar Class 6 certified, allowing expeditions to the polar regions. Thanks to its particular size and structures, it can navigate in remote areas and along the bays and fjords of the St. Lawrence River in Canada.

Scandinavian design for polar adventures

The ship was designed by the same team of architects and engineers of the Viking ocean fleet, respecting the classic Scandinavian design with its intimate environments and superb attention to detail. It is precisely this at Naval Interior, thanks to our advanced construction technologies combined with our artisan knowledge, that we have applied with passion for creating the main environments. Some of the entrance areas are ours (Tender Embarkation, Entrance Hall and Expedition Central, the restaurants, such as (The Restaurant, Private Dining and Manfredi’s) and the living room, with Mamsen’s and the Library.

Luxury relax among the ice

Octantis and Polaris inaugurate a new way of cruising the seas: exploring the most remote areas of the planet, such as the polar regions, and enjoying the relaxation and tranquillity of a classic ocean cruise liner at the same time. Thanks to the construction technologies applied, these ships can, in fact, guarantee maximum handling and stability even in rough seas; thanks to the lead bows, the elongated hulls and the advanced stabilizers allow the vessels to glide on the waves reducing roll when moored while the reinforced hulls maintain safety even when exploring the ice. At the same time, the care of the interior furnishings, the pleasantness of the rooms and the elegant atmosphere allow you to enjoy the adventure in complete relaxation.

The Library, a classic and refined concept

One of the most interesting environments created for Viking Polaris by Naval Interior is the Library, located on deck 5, next to the Upper-Level Explorer’s Lounge. The Library, graced by our shelves, has been curated by the prestigious London Library of Heywood Hill and the University of Cambridge (Scott Polar Research Institute) and contains volumes on polar explorations that allow you to enrich and improve upon your adventurous experience for total immersion in the mood of the trip.

Next to it, our refined Living room, with its massive windows, the open bookcase and the comfortable sofas, invites you to read and relax while the nearby Mamsen’s offers a taste of Norwegian specialties in a welcoming and refined environment which details, like any other environment of our construction, are treated with extreme attention and with infinite passion.

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