Viking Expedition

Naval Interior Working on the First Viking Expedition Ships

First times are always exhilarating. That’s why we at Naval Interior are thrilled to contribute to a significant “first time” in the Expedition sector with Viking. Two sister ships, Octantis and Polaris, will form the new fleet of the renowned Swiss company, designed for adventures in the most remote places on Earth. It is a great source of pride for us to have been involved in constructing these two giants, which have been taking shape since 2018 at the Vard Group – Fincantieri shipyards in Romania.

The first ship, Octantis, is already ready to set sail, with its maiden voyage scheduled for January 2022. Polaris, Octantis’ sister ship, will wait until the end of the following year to sail and fulfil the promise of Viking’s first major Expedition ship. Its main destinations will be Antarctica, the great lakes of North America with the St. Lawrence River, and the polar regions.

Scandinavian Style

In the workshops of Naval Interior, the furnishings of some of the most captivating areas of Octantis and Polaris have come to life over the past years. These include “The Restaurant,” the centrepiece of Deck 1, and “The living room,” the perfect relaxation corner on Deck 5. We have also provided installations and furniture for service areas such as the Atrium, Tender Embarkation, and Private spaces. These cozy and warm environments feature Wood as the absolute protagonist. In perfect Scandinavian style, light wood contributes to the area’s brightness, blending well with the icy white landscapes and fjords that will be typical views to enjoy through the large glass walls, along with lunch or dinner.

Innovative Furnishings

Tables, chairs, upholstery, coverings, partitions, flooring, and every other detail have been entirely manufactured in our production workshops. Here, our artisans’ craftsmanship combines decades of wood processing experience and the most advanced cutting and processing technologies. Today, we manage these technologies with the support of 4.0 strategies and machinery to achieve maximum quality and attention to detail in the shortest possible time. We create unique, original, and precious pieces tailored to each project.

Great Teams for Great Projects

We have deployed our expertise as Main Contractor to create the Octantis and Polaris spaces, providing all the services necessary for the construction and assembly of the furnishings and systems envisaged for the project: from construction drawings, mockups and internal prefabrication in our workshops to on-board  assembly and delivery to Fincantieri.

To create the various environments of Octantis and Polaris, we utilised our expertise as the Main Contractor, providing all the necessary services for the construction and installation of furnishings and systems specified in the project. We have employed our skills and resources, from construction drawings to mock-ups, from internal prefabrication in our workshops to onboard assembly and delivery to Fincantieri.

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