Naval Interior’s expertise in the megayacht sector

From our naval interior workshops to luxury routes

Italy is a global leader in megayacht construction, a sector in which we have always excelled, alongside the cruise industry. Here, we deploy our innovative craftsmanship skills required for high-end naval interiors.

In 2021, Italy reaffirms its international leadership in the superyacht and megayacht sector. According to data from Boat International, Italian shipyards have no rivals worldwide for vessels over 24 meters, as we construct approximately half of the private yachts of this type demanded globally. Naval Interior is dedicated to this sector with a dedicated production line.

Mega Yachts: A Testament to Made in Italy Excellence

Mega Yachts are one of the hallmarks of the Made in Italy brand. In fact, 60% of the investment in a luxury vessel is allocated to its outfitting and interior furnishings, which necessitates the work of skilled artisans. These artisans represent the significant added value of all Italian productions. We at Naval Interior are proud to be part of this strategic network of manufacturing companies.

We have long been at the forefront of the megayacht sector, alongside the cruise industry, collaborating with leading Italian players such as Gruppo Ferretti and Cantiere delle Marche. Some of the most luxurious examples of commissioned luxury yachts are born in their shipyards, traversing the seas worldwide, owned by Arab sheikhs and business magnates.

Luxury originates in our workshops

Within Naval Interior, we have a dedicated design and production line exclusively focused on the megayacht sector. The increased interest and orders generated by the pandemic have opened new avenues and opportunities for us, which we are prepared to seize.

Currently, in our workshops and laboratories, the unique and precious elements of the interior furnishings for a 50-meter superyacht and a 70-meter yacht are taking shape. The common denominator for the former is leather. Using this material in furniture, walls, and decorative elements requires particular care, a level of attention that we ensure through meticulous 4.0 design, focusing on every detail, and the expertise of our artisans, our greatest pride.

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