On-board Assembly: The Advantages of a Complete Supply Chain

Naval Interior: From Design to Installation

Elegance, style, and attention to detail lose much value if the assembly and installation are not executed with the same care as the design and manufacturing process. This applies to the furniture industry in general, but particularly to naval furnishings, where the artifacts are embedded within a much more complex structure consisting of framework and systems with extraordinary characteristics. This is why the naval industry’s furnishings assembly and installation phase is crucial. And that is why Naval Interior places the same meticulous care on this phase as we do on design and production.

30 years of specialisation in naval furniture assembly

It was through the assembly of naval furnishings that our history began. Over 30 years ago, our father extended his carpentry business to the nautical sector, focusing on interior outfitting for luxury boats. His expertise and exceptional woodworking skills were his added value. Thus, when Naval Interior became a major player in the naval furnishings industry as a main contractor and subcontractor, assembly remained an important component of our supply chain.

Today, we manage the assembly and outfitting sector through F.C. Allestimenti company, which is part of the same group as Naval Interior. This ensures that the entire supply chain is overseen within a single large integrated project: from initial designs to on-site installation, we are able to monitor every step and detail, maintaining a direct and constant connection between our design offices, manufacturing workshops, and on-board installation teams.

Our team is in the heart of Europe’s naval industry

Our assembly teams are present at the major European shipbuilding sites, where the world’s leading industry players operate, starting with Fincantieri. In Italy, we are located in Genoa, Marghera, Monfalcone, and Ancona. Our teams also operate at the Chantiers de l’Atlantique in Saint-Nazaire, France, along the estuary of the Loire River, and at the Vard shipyards in Søvik, Norway, where large cruise ships set sail to navigate the northern seas. Finally, we are present in Tulcea, Romania, at the major Vard Group shipyards, the Fincantieri subsidiary and global leader in constructing specialised vessels for the offshore market. In Marghera and Monfalcone, we have specialised assembly teams and dedicated offices on-site.

Naturally, our company also offers installation and assembly services to third parties, other contractors and subcontractors, to whom we guarantee the same care and attention to detail as in our projects. However, integrating the assembly and outfitting of our productions within our design and manufacturing supply chain provides an undeniable advantage: dedicated assembly teams exclusively focused on our projects, flexible and prepared for any needs and modifications, even during the execution phase, with maximum speed. In other words: delivery times are always met.