Naval Interior for the Leonardo Project

Mock-ups were presented for Norwegian Cruise Line’s ambitious new project, in which we are at the forefront of creating two of the most stunning environments: the Spa area and the Gym. Our craftsmanship and cutting-edge 4.0 skills are dedicated to serving Fincantieri.

The official mock-up presentation is one of the most anticipated and exciting moments for a cruise ship interior designer. It is an opportunity to showcase our technical capabilities and the human face of our work. It is an examination, of course, as knowledgeable and demanding clients scrutinise every little detail of our samples. However, it is also a grand celebration that allows us to share our visions and common passions with our long-standing partners.

An excellence in naval project, a prestigious partnership

 The latest meeting brought together the representatives of Norwegian Cruise Line in the audience and our mock-ups for the Spa Area and the Gym on the stage, planned for the first of the four vessels in the Leonardo Project. These will be the first ships of the Norwegian line built by Fincantieri.

There has been great anticipation surrounding the Leonardo Project since 2017 when Frank Del Rio, CEO of Norwegian Cruise Line, unveiled renderings of ships that promise to represent a new era in cruising: breathtaking designs and integrated new interior and exterior spaces to better connect with the sea. The four ships, weighing 140,000 gross tons each and accommodating over 3,000 guests, aim for maximum energy efficiency.

Metals, marbles, and woods for exquisite naval interiors

In our workshops, we have set up an evocative mock-up space that allows us to envision the final result on the ship while ensuring that every detail meets the high-quality standards required in the fabrication of each piece and its assembly.

To create the environments commissioned by Fincantieri, we have brought together our decades of woodworking craftsmanship and modern technologies, from 4.0 design to the new line of internal metal processing. These enable us to work with meticulous manual care on every material while eliminating any margin of error.

Gym and Thermal area: precious materials and playful inlays

Woods, marbles, composite metals, inlays, mosaics, upholstery, luminous inserts, coatings, and gilding have given life to captivating environments that perfectly align with the design project. From the understated warmth emanating from the Multipurpose studio and Open area to the elegant functionality of the Spin room hall and Treatment room, the delicate luxury of the Relaxation lounge, the solemnity of the Reception area and Entry stair, and the precious and playful intimacy of the Hair salon, Pedicure, and Manicure areas.

And then, the luxurious material embraces all the spaces contributing to the Thermal experience (pool, sauna, ice room, salt room, etc.), our pride and joy in this thrilling adventure with Norwegian Cruise Line. The spectacular waterfall and the decorated wall in the Thermal lounge, with their play of lights and delicate automation mechanisms, are two masterpieces of technique and beauty whose scenographic effect matches the commitment we have infused into the realisation of each precious detail.