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Naval Interior


“It’s attention to detail that makes the difference between average and stunning”. – F. Atterbury



Turnkey solutions represent a must in our production. As main contractors, we provide all the services required for constructing and assembling all internal boat areas: from construction drawings and mock-ups of naval furniture and related systems to prefabrication in our workshops, on-board assembly and final delivery under warranty.


We also serve as subcontractors for other main contractors who may find in us a trustworthy partner to farm out some areas of their orders, such as the production and provisioning of naval interiors. They see the certainty of on-time delivery in us, a real value added in today’s industry.

When luxury is the standard, what makes the difference is the attention to detail, the finishing touches, and the careful selection of materials and workmanship, together with no random nor hasty details left to chance.


Remembering our roots, we love working with wood and the materials it marries, so we also operate as furniture manufacturers and exclusive furniture designers. We fear no rival in creating unique, original and valuable pieces of custom-made and designed naval furniture, which is created not only for cruise ship and yacht interiors but also for the entire Ho.Re.Ca. Sector, from the hotel to the catering and luxury real estate sectors.


Our history as wood craftsmen, our expertise in the furniture sector and the use of technologically advanced equipment and laboratories allow us to make a difference in the production and outfitting (coverings, panelling, borders, fabrics) for luxury hotels and stores, residences and private villas. We specialise in designing and implementing highly prestigious spas and wellness centres for hotels and residences. The absolute attention to detail gained in the naval field is a great added value in production related to the civilian sector.


Our flagship creations are spas and wellness centres: this is how our history in the naval interiors sector took off and rapidly evolved, bringing us into the world of the cruise industry. In this sector, which encompasses different types of construction, we hold important records: we design swimming pools, saunas and relaxation areas for large spaces and intimate alcoves with the same attention to detail.


Assembly and outfitting are handled by F.C. Allestimenti, a company that is part of the same corporate structure as Naval Interior. This very close partnership makes it possible to follow the entire naval interior supply chain, from design to installation, and to maintain direct and constant communications between design offices, manufacturing workshops and onboard facilities. We are present in the main European shipbuilding sites for the construction of cruise ships and yachts: Genoa, Marghera, Monfalcone and Ancona in Italy, Saint-Nazaire in France, Søvik in Norway, Tulcea in Romania (with dedicated permanent offices in Marghera and Monfalcone).

To guarantee celerity in delivering manufactured goods, flexibility in work distribution, and immediate interventions in case of changes during construction, we keep a sharp eye on and control the entire supply chain.

We provide assembly and fitting services to third parties, contractors, and subcontractors. We guarantee the same care and attention to detail we provide for our projects.


Our know-how in construction strategies allows us to make a difference in every project phase, from construction to assembly. It enables us to operate as a leading player on the international scene and also measure ourselves against new future challenges, such as refitting, where the combination of speed and quality is even more pressing today. As main contractors or subcontractors, we deliver naval furnishings and naval interiors in restoration projects with the same care as new-build ones.

Our operational structure enables constant monitoring of the various project phases and their progress. When necessary, sudden, effective and immediate adjustments and maintenance interventions are implemented to ensure the highest quality in an extremely short time frame.



Most of our production is carried out in-house. In our workshops, we are able to process iron and many other materials used in making luxurious naval interiors. Integrating production is our key to maintaining high quality while speeding up time and driving much of the naval interiors in-house means taking care of the smallest details, modifying in real-time and making corrections if necessary, thus optimising various steps regarding materials and workmanship, which is reflected in cost savings and time savings since all processes, by skipping intermediary steps, are speeded up and optimised. Our materials are rigorously certified, following all ship registries and bodies that regulate the industry.


Thanks to the use of Industry 4.0 technologies and new software that processes an infinite amount of data in real-time, we are able to verify, at any moment, that construction details perfectly correspond to what each project dictates. There is a perfect balance between man and machine, numerical precision and craft wisdom.


We ensure on-time delivery of our projects (with dedicated transports departing weekly from our manufacturing workshops) and set-up with dedicated teams of qualified fitters. Thus, we guarantee not only the punctuality and integrity of the artefacts but also further corrective actions in a timely manner.


A second production line and a strict monitoring and quality control system make it possible to carry out even large-scale productions quickly and with ease, simultaneously and on multiple job orders. Constant sharing of work progress with the customer makes for a smooth exchange of information and perfect alignment of methods and goals among all players at every stage of the project. Our management system is ISO9001 certified.