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Naval Interior
First times are always exhilarating. That's why we at Naval Interior are thrilled to contribute to a significant "first time" in the Expedition sector with Viking. Two sister ships, Octantis and Polaris, will form the new fleet of the renowned Swiss company, designed for adventures in the most remote places on Earth.
Mock-ups were presented for Norwegian Cruise Line's ambitious new project, in which we are at the forefront of creating two of the most stunning environments: the Spa area and the Gym. Our craftsmanship and cutting-edge 4.0 skills are dedicated to serving Fincantieri.
The health emergency caused by the spread of Covid-19 continues to impact the entire cruise sector strongly. Our behind-the-scenes work continues because the large projects, in the medium and long term, do not stop, and all players in the naval industry continue to design and construct new and increasingly modern interiors and furnishings for cruise ships and yachts.
Optimising production processes by directly connecting design and artisanal phases in real-time: that's one of the great innovations and achievements of Industry 4.0, which has also made its way into our laboratories and production lines.
For us at Naval Interior, growth means betting on the future, looking ahead, and having the courage to take risks. It also means investing in improvement and efficiency. In numerical terms, this translates into an increase of 2,400 square meters, bringing the total extension of our laboratories and workshops to 6,100 square meters.
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