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Naval Interior
Mock-ups for the new ambitious project launched by Norwegian Cruise Line have been presented. We are involved in the realization of two more charming structures: the Spa Area and the Gym. Our artisan know-how and 4.0 competencies are fully in service of Fincantieri.
The public health emergency caused by the spread of Covid-19 continues to have a huge impact on the whole cruise sector. We continue to work behind the scenes because mid- and long-term big projects do not stop and all the actors on the naval industry stage proceed to project and undertake new and even more modern outfitting for cruise ships and yachts.
One of the biggest innovations and achievements of industry 4.0 is to optimise the productive processes, combining the project phases with the artisanal steps in real time and in a direct way. This innovative technology is in our laboratories and in our production lines.
Growing up means to bet on the future, to look forward and to be brave enough to dare. For Naval Interior it also means investing in improvements and efficiency. Speaking in numbers, this translates to a 2.400 m² space increase in our laboratories and workshops to a total extension of 6.100 m².
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