Naval Interior for Virgin Voyages, Richard Branson’s new cruise line

Scarlet Lady: Bringing Richard Branson’s Dreams to Life

For months, the cruise industry has been buzzing about it. The launch of Scarlet Lady, the first ship of Virgin Voyages, is a unique event for at least three reasons: it stems from the visionary talent of magnate Richard Branson, it is dedicated to the new market of young luxury, and it is the first of four promises set to revolutionise the cruise market.

This is significant because we have also created this new wonder commissioned by Branson to Fincantieri. For example, we were responsible for the realisation of the black box, the most popular nightclub on the entire ship: its glittering entrance can be seen in the promotional images of the tours that have circled the world now that the ship has left the Ligurian coast, has been personally presented by Branson to the English market.

Catering to a younger audience

At Naval Interior, we contributed to this extraordinary 278-meter, 110,000-ton project through a combination of artisanal skills and advanced technological solutions, which is our unique selling point. Scarlet Lady is dedicated to young people shaping a new consumer market. Each interior is designed as a contemporary boutique hotel, focusing on pleasure—this style we love and have followed in the meticulous technical realisation of every detail.

In the case of Scarlet Lady, in addition to the black box, we built the champagne lounge and the casino. These are three nightlife venues that are expected to attract a large number of people. In terms of construction, this means thinking linearly and functionally while remembering the elegance and welcoming atmosphere that every venue of this kind must provide. This applies to the industrial and intriguing style of the black box, the modern and glittering atmosphere of the champagne lounge, and the luxurious yet easy-going vibe of the casino.

Bringing contemporary design to the naval industry

This mix is the result of the work of a great team, and we are honoured to be part of it. Even in the case of Virgin Voyages, the expertise we have gained over the years as contractors for major projects with large shipowners has allowed us to contribute to translating a great idea into a magnificent ship: from the planning of the design phases to execution, from control to installation and follow-up. Additionally, our “artisanal heart,” which refers to the presence of laboratories and workshops within the company, has allowed us to closely monitor every technical detail and optimise processing and delivery times.

Since he was 20 years old, Branson dreamed of entering the cruise market as a protagonist, and his mission is to revolutionise the industry. As for us, who have always pursued innovation, we are proud to be part of his ambitious project. And it doesn’t end here because Scarlet Lady is only the first of four similar ships, some of which are already in the shipyards of Genoa, and for which we are starting to refine our tools once again.

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