Naval Interior and Industry 4.0

Naval interiors: digitalization, Iot and big data meet the artisan know-how

One of the biggest innovations and achievements of industry 4.0 is to optimise the productive processes, combining the project phases with the artisanal steps in real time and in a direct way. This innovative technology is in our laboratories and in our production lines. Yes, we love challenges, especially those that launch us into the future.

The cruise world 4.0 and the importance of details

The new technologies we adopted, completely inscribed on the industrial 4.0 system, allow designers and workers, engineers and artisans to work closely in order to fully ensure the permeation and the coexistence of creative, engineering and manual skills. This is possible thanks to the help of new software which enables us to verify at every moment that construction details perfectly correspond to what projects dictate, by processing an infinite amount of data in real time. A perfect balance between men and machine, numeral precision and artisan wisdom.

Thanks to an internal management system, all manufacturing processes in the workshops produce an amount of data which is analysed by advanced big data analysis software in real time. Machines are interconnected by the Iot to one another, producing information that permits the controller to verify the precision of every detail, optimising the processing times and, as a consequence, also product delivery times.

Big ships, high standards and reduced time

Thanks to these new technologies, all the work remains saved and allows it to be recalled when needed. This permits an additional saving of time and cost in the realisation of naval interiors for the big and luxurious cruise ships for which we are proud to work for, from the newest creation of Virgin Voyages to the timeless Princess Cruises or Carnival Cruise.

Industry 4.0 has overwhelmingly entered into the shipbuilding field, and now all connected sectors must adapt in order to keep pace and ensure both performance and required quality standards. This is the challenge we have accepted, together with the opportunity to acquire, throughout this digitization process, the flexibility and sustainability that allow us to grow in the contractor sector and always do better and better.

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