Naval Interior evolving

Naval Interior expands: Introducing the new production line

For us at Naval Interior, growth means betting on the future, looking ahead, and having the courage to take risks. It also means investing in improvement and efficiency. In numerical terms, this translates into an increase of 2,400 square meters, bringing the total extension of our laboratories and workshops to 6,100 square meters. In these new spaces, we have launched a second production line equipped with state-of-the-art machinery, enabling us to streamline the workflow and maintain the high standard of our added value in the naval and cruise industry: delivering with extreme punctuality.

A second production line

In the new spaces housing the second production line for naval interiors, we will be able to internalise many of the previously outsourced activities to external suppliers. This does not mean that we will abandon them; it simply means that we will be able to produce more autonomously and quickly. We have equipped ourselves with the most modern and efficient equipment, such as the 2D fibre optic laser cutting system, to achieve this.

By doing this, we aim to meet the pressing demands of the cruise market. Despite the blockage caused by the Covid emergency, delivery dates have remained unchanged, requiring us as contractors to exert even greater effort to keep up.

Internalising more processes also allows us to maintain high-quality standards. Every detail of the interior shipbuilding project can be produced on-site, meticulously cared for, modified in real-time, and corrected if necessary. This saves various steps involving materials, processes, and clients. This not only results in cost savings but also saves time. By bypassing intermediate stages, all operations can be expedited and optimised.

Metal processing

The advantage of internalising processing processes is particularly valuable for certain materials, such as metals. The new production line will enable us to work with previously outsourced materials such as steel and brass, as is common in the contracting sector.

We are proud to have brought this type of production into our workshops because it will allow us to enhance the quality and efficiency of our deliveries. We also invest in specialised labour for these processes to do so effectively. Because quality always starts there, with skilled and experienced hands capable of transforming simple materials into the dream furnishings of luxurious cruise ships, which we are so proud to work on.

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