Naval Interior evolution

Naval Interior grows thanks to new production line

Growing up means to bet on the future, to look forward and to be brave enough to dare. For Naval Interior it also means investing in improvements and efficiency. Speaking in numbers, this translates to a 2.400 m² space increase in our laboratories and workshops to a total extension of 6.100 m². In these new spaces we have launched a second production line with advanced machinery that allows us to speed up the workflow and preserve our added value in the naval and cruise industry: punctuality in the consignment of our work.

A second production line

Most of the work that was previously outsourced to third parties will be able to be handled directly in our second naval interior production line. This does not mean that we will cease to work together with our business partners but instead, it means that we will be able to produce more and in a faster and more independent way. For this reason, we adopted more modern and performing equipment, such as optical fibre 2D laser cut.

We thereby want to deal with the pressing demand of the cruise market because deadlines have not changed despite the Covid-19 lockdown and contractors like us are hard pressed to keep up the pace.

In addition, internalising more working processes allows us to maintain high quality standards since each part of the naval interior project can be realised onsite by taking care of the minutest details and executing real-time modifications and adjustments when necessary, saving in materials, working procedures and commissioners costs. This is not just a money-saving process but also a time-saving process which allows us to skip the middleman and work faster and in a more efficient way.

Metal processing

Internalising processes has important advantages depending on the materials to be used, such as metals. The new production line will favour the processing of some materials such as steel and brass that were previously outsourced, as it usually happens in the contractors’ sector.

We are really proud of having been able to bring this type of production to our laboratories since it will enable us to improve the quality and efficiency of our consignments. In order to do that best we are also investing in specialised workforce for this kind of production. In fact, we think that high quality standards depends on expert hands that are able to transform simple materials in dreamy fittings for our luxury cruise ships which we are so very proud to work on.

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